About Us

I always loved coloring even as a child but I wasn’t fond of those simplistic books with large swathes of blank areas that had to be completed. No matter how careful you were to stay inside the lines, the pencil marks showed and nobody ever seemed to see them as being beautiful! They only ever saw pencil lines – not encouraging.
Then came adult coloring pages and books, with lots of small areas to color, to make a pattern or bring out a picture that was not easily visible. Of course, perfectionism then kicked in and although I had the books and the pens and pencils, I hated the thought of “making a mess” of those beautiful books and art.
And along came the internet and downloadable pages (can you tell that I am quite old?) and the possibility of doing one page in many different ways or of being able to start over if I made a mistake. Even the idea that I could start again if I made a mistake meant I no longer worried about that and meant I could do more coloring pages, a great way to relax and relieve stress.

Now, I have decided to try sharing different kinds of pages with others. I love puzzles and quotes, so my pages will contain lots of text and I will offer puzzles too. While my favorites are quotes and myths, there will be other kinds too, so you should find something to suit your tastes and preferences. Who knows? You might enjoy coloring pages for adults or puzzles for adults as much as me. I hope so.

Feel free to look at the free coloring pages for adults page on here to get some sample coloring pages. You can also leave a comment on that page if you want.