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Puzzle Books For Adults

As well as coloring, completing puzzles of different kinds is very relaxing for many adults and this can even have health benefits. There are plenty of puzzle books for children but puzzle books, upgraded for adults are now becoming very popular. Maybe you enjoy Sudoku? Or perhaps you prefer anagrams or word matches or word searches or mazes? Here are a few free pages for you to enjoy to see whether you would enjoy getting a puzzle book.



In this puzzle, the path starts at “S” and ends at “E”. There is no external opening.

Here is a Sudoku Puzzle for you.


Word Search



Word Match


Word Scramble (Anagram)





The solutions are on a separate page here.

The puzzles above come from this book. If you enjoyed these, you can find a LOT MORE in this 142 page book of mixed puzzles for adults.


There are also workbooks available for improving happiness and sleep that help you make changes you want and also include areas that you can color in if you wish. These help you make changes and also help you to relax which can have good health benefits. There are also puzzle books for kids, Christmas puzzle books and a 3 year memory diary. You can see all of these here.


Please Note: All these puzzles have been created by software that was purchased specifically for this site and copyright exists in these images. You are welcome to download and use for PERSONAL USE ONLY. You may not copy, sell or use these puzzles for commercial purposes.