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What Is A Zentangle

What Is A Zentangle Used For?

If you have never heard of Zentangle before, it is a unique type of artwork that can be created using repetitive patterns. It might be referred to as doodle art, or even similar to drawing mandalas, but it is much different. Let’s take a look at what Zentangle is, why people do this, and also why you may consider this to be one of your favorite activities once you get started.

Overview Of Zentangle

This is a relaxing, easy to learn, method for drawing. Even if you have no prior skills with drawing anything, or you do not have basic artistic capabilities, it’s not going to matter. It was designed to help people not only relax, but could accommodate those that were able to draw simple structured patterns that could be used in order to create beautiful artwork.

Why Many People Enjoy Zentangle

Most of us have seen many beautiful works of art, including sketches, that seemed far beyond our abilities. Whether we are looking at portraits of people, or Celtic art which involves spirals and unique designs, we might believe we could never do that. However, this is where Zentangle comes in because it teaches you how to create beautiful repetitive patterns that can be used to create artwork that almost everyone can do. It does not matter about your artistic background, your age, or whether you are fond of painting or drawing. It is designed to be that simple and effective. Therefore, the reason people enjoy this is they are astounded by the beautiful creations that they can make using this simple strategy for creating these drawings. It allows them to explore, tapping into that inner artist that we all have within us, using this uplifting methodology for creating art.

What Are The Characteristics Of Zentangle Artwork?

There are many things that a person will experience while they are creating Zentangle artwork. First of all, they will become much more intuitive. You have the basic schematic for creating these repetitive patterns, and from those you can begin to design different expressions of your own feelings and thoughts into art form. It is also fun and relaxing, something that you can either do on your own, or you may want to do with someone else that would also enjoy a way of expressing themselves through art. Best of all, this is something that you can bring with you, wherever you go, as everything that you will need to create this artwork can actually fit in your purse or pocket.

What Are The Benefits Of Implementing These Zentangle Method

Some of the benefits that people report include feeling so much more relaxed, helping them to deal with the stress of the day. It can also help individuals that suffer from insomnia, and they will do their drawings before they go to bed. It can also help with your self-esteem, curb panic attacks, and modify your behavior in a positive manner. Zentangle will definitely help you improve your hand/eye coordination, and also bring out your creative abilities that may have been latent all of these years.

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How To Learn More About The Zentangle Method

You can visit their website online to learn more about this unique and fun way of creating stunning visual art. They will talk about how it started, how to begin, and go into detail on the method itself. It also goes into the theory behind the Zentangle Method, embracing the fact that every decision we make is like a stroke, each being conscious and deliberate. In the same way, this method allows you to make deliberate strokes to create your artwork, and by focusing on each individual stroke, this is how you can learn to calm your mind. It will allow you to tap into that creative part of you that you may have never known about, and it’s all possible because of the Zentangle Method.

Now that you know a little bit more about what Zentangle is, and how you can learn more information about this unique way of creating beautiful drawings, you should consider doing this on your own. You can visit their website to learn more about this form of art, and see examples of what other people have done. There is also a blog and newsletter where you can learn more information, and there are also products that can help you get started. It’s going to make it very easy for you to immediately begin creating these unique drawings that are only possible because of the Zentangle Method.

Motivational Coloring Pages

Do You Need Motivational Help?

There are several visual ways of motivating yourself to achieve your dreams and wishes. Some people keep a “vision board”, a notice board or a file, filled with pictures of something they really want to do, such as go on a dream holiday, or remodel their house. A Daruma doll is a visual Japanese method of obtaining a wish or desired outcome. The doll has two “empty eyes”. One is filled in at the time you decide on what you want to achieve and the other is completed when your wish or dream has been achieved. The idea is that the doll is placed in a prominent place where you see it each day and the empty eye will keep “nagging” you until you do something to reach your dream. For those who love a simple visual reminder of a job they want to complete or a dream they want to achieve, a project motivation coloring page can be a great way of ensuring you finish the job or reach your dream, whether that’s a special holiday, a home remodelling job, an exam, improving your health or writing a book, for instance. The page provides a relaxing coloring experience, while also providing a reminder of the project you want to complete.

Art Therapy

Art is known to be helpful in many ways for people who are stressed or depressed and art therapy classes are available in many places. It is thought that creating your own art, even doodles, is the best form of therapy, however, many people have reported great stress relief, for instance, from working with pages created especially for adult coloring. If you are interested in doodling, you might want to read up about zentangles. These are a special form of doodle and many people find great enjoyment from creating their own beautiful zentangle patterns with the many different kinds of fill patterns you can use for these.

Project Motivation Pages

There are many times people need to motivate or encourage themselves to start and complete projects, for instance gym motivation and weight loss motivation to name but two.  Students needing to write an essay over a long period or an author creating a book might also use project motivation pages. You can use these for anything you would use a vision board or Daruma doll for and the additional benefit of the project motivation coloring pages is that they can be motivational in themselves, to want to color (or shade) them and that means you have to do something about your project in order to do that. Also, they include a timeline which is also completed on a daily or weekly basis. This gives you a visual measure of how close you are to finishing and whether you are keeping up (or exceeding or falling behind) with your target, which keeps you reminded of the task you set yourself to do.

A project motivation page is an outline drawing, or an unfinished drawing with sections, like a stained glass window, for completing as each section of the job is finished. You can make one of these yourself or find something suitable online. Your outline picture could refer to your project or just be something you would enjoy completing as your project progresses. You can stick one of these pages on a wall or a notice board where you see it often and this reminds you to get the project finished a stage or step at a time. They are very useful for long jobs that need to be divided into stages for completion. For instance one stage or section could be a gym visit or an amount of weight lost or a chapter written in a book or a book read and notes made.

One section is completed (colored or shaded) each time you complete one section of the project. For example, if you have a cupboard you need to clear out and you decide you can spend 15 minutes on it each day, then you find or create a picture with 30 or 31 spaces and complete one each time you spend 15 minutes on decluttering your cupboard. You could of course, use a picture with only 10 spaces say and once that has been completed, start another sheet. It’s also useful to have a timeline that you can color in each day or week so you can check your progress.

Finding And Enjoying Coloring Pages For Adults

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www.mythsoftime.comAdult Coloring

You can find a lot of neat coloring pages for adults. They cover all sorts of topics from classic cars to mythology, from inspiring quotes to skulls and tattoos! Some may have adult language or imagery on them, so be sure that if you get something like this you keep it away from kids. Here’s more so you know where to find interesting and fun coloring pages and books.

How To Find Printable Coloring Pages On Line

The pages you can find with a general search are not always going to be exactly what you want. When you do a search, you need to enter a few words that have something to do with what you like. Do you want funny coloring pages for adults or do you want something that has to do with a fandom you’re a part of? A lot of adults find it to be fun to color things that are offensive or that feature different things that are only for adults so be sure you turn your adult image filter off if that’s what you’re trying to find. Enter your chosen search terms to the search box, such as adult coloring pages and add a search term that will narrow down your search, such as mandala or zentangle or skulls, or classic cars, or fantasy or fairy, etc., or even funny coloring books for adults. If you haven’t tried any of those types of pages yet, do a search, you may find a new area you will really enjoy. Of course, you can always buy a complete coloring book.

Coloring book set from www.mythsoftime.com https://amzn.to/2QHJFQv

The Right Coloring Tools

Before you can color a page, you’re going to need to make sure that you have the right tools. You’re going to need colored pencils, crayons, or markers. You can find these at local stores, or you can buy some online if you want to save money. There are all kinds of brands, so make sure you research what you’re going to get so you’re not disappointed with it.

colored pencil set from www.mythsoftime.com https://amzn.to/2HPGNhz

A lot of what is sold for super cheap is not that good so avoid the super cheap discount store brands if you want to avoid that. If you are just starting out on coloring, it probably doesn’t matter what coloring tools you use, even raid the kids’ pencil cases if necessary! You can see whether you enjoy this activity. If you find a page you really love and want to keep, you can always print it out again and get yourself the best coloring pencils or pens you can afford. Of course, if you are already an accomplished colorist, you will know your favorite brand or types of tool.

There are adult coloring books that you can order which are a lot of fun if you don’t want to have to pick just one image. The goal is to find what other people like, or if it’s a new item then at least see if you like some of the photos of the book and its contents. If they don’t let you see what’s in the coloring book, then you may want to try waiting for a little while. That way, you don’t have to take a risk and other people will review it before you buy.

Are you able to print out coloring pages at home? If you can’t, then you may be able to do it at the library. It may cost you a few cents, but if you can print out a handful of pages at a time it may be like buying a coloring book for a lot cheaper sometimes than it would cost online or in stores. When printing something at the library, you may want to ask about whether you can do adult materials or not. As long as it’s not super offensive or a bunch of nude people on coloring pages, you should be fine.

Coloring Book And Pencils From www.mythsoftime.com https://amzn.to/2HQjd4e

If you have another family member, you can both try getting a few books so you can swap them from time to time. If you got, for instance, one with adult jokes in it you could trade it for your partner’s animal related one. That way, you don’t have to let the pages that you don’t want to do go to waste. It can sometimes seem like you only like one or two pages, so it’s good to have someone you can share with. You may also be able to trade with people online if that’s easier for you.

Adult pages may be offensive to others so be sure you don’t have them just sitting around. With kids in the home, you should try to keep them put away because if the kids see you trying to color they are going to want to join in. Try to have some separate coloring books around for people that don’t need to be involved with coloring the adult ones. It’s fun for people of all ages to color, but only as long as what you have to let them color is age appropriate and easier or harder to color depending on age.

When you find and color interesting coloring pages for adults, you’ll find it to be a fun way to spend time. The more you can find that feature things you think are fun to color, the more time you will spend on something you enjoy!