What Is A Zentangle

What Is A Zentangle Used For?

If you have never heard of Zentangle before, it is a unique type of artwork that can be created using repetitive patterns. It might be referred to as doodle art, or even similar to drawing mandalas, but it is much different. Let’s take a look at what Zentangle is, why people do this, and also why you may consider this to be one of your favorite activities once you get started.

Overview Of Zentangle

This is a relaxing, easy to learn, method for drawing. Even if you have no prior skills with drawing anything, or you do not have basic artistic capabilities, it’s not going to matter. It was designed to help people not only relax, but could accommodate those that were able to draw simple structured patterns that could be used in order to create beautiful artwork.

Why Many People Enjoy Zentangle

Most of us have seen many beautiful works of art, including sketches, that seemed far beyond our abilities. Whether we are looking at portraits of people, or Celtic art which involves spirals and unique designs, we might believe we could never do that. However, this is where Zentangle comes in because it teaches you how to create beautiful repetitive patterns that can be used to create artwork that almost everyone can do. It does not matter about your artistic background, your age, or whether you are fond of painting or drawing. It is designed to be that simple and effective. Therefore, the reason people enjoy this is they are astounded by the beautiful creations that they can make using this simple strategy for creating these drawings. It allows them to explore, tapping into that inner artist that we all have within us, using this uplifting methodology for creating art.

What Are The Characteristics Of Zentangle Artwork?

There are many things that a person will experience while they are creating Zentangle artwork. First of all, they will become much more intuitive. You have the basic schematic for creating these repetitive patterns, and from those you can begin to design different expressions of your own feelings and thoughts into art form. It is also fun and relaxing, something that you can either do on your own, or you may want to do with someone else that would also enjoy a way of expressing themselves through art. Best of all, this is something that you can bring with you, wherever you go, as everything that you will need to create this artwork can actually fit in your purse or pocket.

What Are The Benefits Of Implementing These Zentangle Method

Some of the benefits that people report include feeling so much more relaxed, helping them to deal with the stress of the day. It can also help individuals that suffer from insomnia, and they will do their drawings before they go to bed. It can also help with your self-esteem, curb panic attacks, and modify your behavior in a positive manner. Zentangle will definitely help you improve your hand/eye coordination, and also bring out your creative abilities that may have been latent all of these years.

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How To Learn More About The Zentangle Method

You can visit their website online to learn more about this unique and fun way of creating stunning visual art. They will talk about how it started, how to begin, and go into detail on the method itself. It also goes into the theory behind the Zentangle Method, embracing the fact that every decision we make is like a stroke, each being conscious and deliberate. In the same way, this method allows you to make deliberate strokes to create your artwork, and by focusing on each individual stroke, this is how you can learn to calm your mind. It will allow you to tap into that creative part of you that you may have never known about, and it’s all possible because of the Zentangle Method.

Now that you know a little bit more about what Zentangle is, and how you can learn more information about this unique way of creating beautiful drawings, you should consider doing this on your own. You can visit their website to learn more about this form of art, and see examples of what other people have done. There is also a blog and newsletter where you can learn more information, and there are also products that can help you get started. It’s going to make it very easy for you to immediately begin creating these unique drawings that are only possible because of the Zentangle Method.